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Escape Fitness completes a significant US distribution deal with Foundation Fitness

The Escape Fitness brand is continuing to grow all over the United States. So we’re delighted to announce a really significant new distribution deal with one of the giants of the American commercial fitness market, Foundation Fitness.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Foundation Fitness is a private company specializing in providing commercial fitness equipment (and now functional fitness equipment) to business clients in the Western US. The company represents leading brands from across the industry with the sole purpose of providing a high quality and complete solution to their customers.


Big in America

This new Western US distribution partnership for independent clubs and YMCAs spans Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Montana, West Wyoming, Colorado and Utah, and helps Escape expand its US foothold and its brand visibility in some key territories. Like Escape, Foundation Fitness is a privately owned, successful start-up that has experienced rapid growth and international expansion. We share similar business goals too, as well as a steadfast commitment to product quality and outstanding customer service. Matthew Januszek, co-founder of Escape Fitness says: “This partnership is a perfect fit, and our joint offering is ideal for those club owners who want a thriving club with highly engaged members.”

Tapping into the group exercise market

The Foundation Fitness team brings extensive experience to the partnership. The company has a track record of consulting in the group exercise market, and provides customers with a full suite of innovative products that solve their diverse fitness space requirements.

Foundation Fitness primarily targets fitness club and community centre business owners who are interested in giving their members and exercisers innovative and exceptional quality products. They quickly identified Escape as a provider of a wide variety of well-engineered, smartly designed products that really complement their available brands.


Functional focus

Eric Jaworsky, Senior VP Global Sales & Marketing, Stages Cycling (Foundation Fitness’s parent company) says: “Being strong in all markets with functional training products is a key strategy for Foundation Fitness. We are extremely excited to add the growing brand Escape Fitness to our suite of products, and to be a part of changing the way that group exercise facilities around the world are looking at functional fitness and movement.”

Foundation Fitness knows that they can rely on Escape Fitness to deliver the very latest functional fitness innovations to their client base. Matthew Januszek sums up: “Functional fitness is the phenomenon it is today because it improves health and quality of life. Its successful integration into a fitness environment means bringing a fresh, accessible, modern approach. The dynamic team at Foundation Fitness, a subsidiary of Stages Cycling, deliver this with the same intensity we do.”

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