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Is your corporate office ocean or slope side?

Is your corporate office ocean or slope side? Don’t worry, most aren’t but these are actual considerations grabbing the attention of potential employees in today’s five alarm amenities race rivaled only by the multi-family housing market in the bid to win the brainpower of today’s talented workforce. Feeling valued as an employee is one big ticket as are convenience features for this time-strapped generation.

What are you bringing to the table?

  • Onsite Childcare
  • Community Spaces
  • Bicycle Repair
  • Car Washes
  • Community kitchen includingthe “lunch fridge and the free fridge”
  • Snack Shack…can you say cereal bar?!
  • Meditation and quiet rooms – especially in an open concept office
  • Onsite massage and physical therapy
  • Wellness challenges that translate into cash-in-hand or HSA deposits

Ian Krieg, Foundation Fitness Territory Manager in Nor-Cal / Reno recently installed a beautiful new gym in the Bay Area. He noted that Corporate Fitness is on par with a standard gym these days with clients asking for items like an open class space for on demand or instructor led classes, top of the line cardio equipment like treadmills, climbers and ellipticals. Also in full swing is functional training gear like kettle bells, slam balls, weighted bags, battle ropes and TRX straps. Indoor cycling on the cardio floor is also hot! Stages Solo or the Les Mills Virtual Bike are perfect options here!

Employees touring a recent grand-opening in their new fitness center were excited to have quick access to the same high quality gear they’re used to but without the commute and traffic. One pair was heard committing to help each other stay active and were happy to see connected technology that allows them to aim for leader boards and other engaging programming to make a workout fly by.

Employees want to feeling connected and engaged with their work. They want to feel like active and contributing members of their community. The chance to get to know other employees away from their desks and in a light-hearted atmosphere (that isn’t always drinks after work) also helps with this. What better way to find a competitive training partner than casually bumping up the speed on the treadmill to outpace the runner next treadmill over. (Yes. This is a thing!) Or what better way to meet like-minded folks looking for mid-day silence than offering a space for scheduled meditation, quite time, silent yoga or event silent disco indoor cycling rides. Whatever your employee community is looking for, they’ll very often come together in a gym. Foundation Fitness is proud to contribute to corporate wellness programs and create happier, healthier employees and corporate cultures through inspired gym design and premium fitness equipment.

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Written by Sarah Sager for Foundation Fitness

Foundation Fitness designs, sells and installs premium grade fitness centers into Corporate Facilities, Multi-Family Housing developments, and Gym, YMCA, Boutique Cycling & Fitness Studio and Hospitality markets.

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