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Corporate, Multifamily and Mixed-Use Developers, we’re asking you… What’s Outside Your Window?

Outdoor fitness is on the rise and the options keep getting better! Our team at Foundation Fitness wants to help you see beyond an empty parcel and a picnic table and turn that under-utilized space into something energizing.

Days are shorter and streets may be snow-covered yet the allure of training or playing outside is like childhood tugging at us. Now, take a look out your office window, or look around your place of work, or the planning boards for that new commercial development, ask yourself…What have we lined up to entice the building tenants, employees, residents out into the fresh air? A lunch road ride or run is an easy fix for some but for many employees and tenants this, “I need a break”, moment becomes a slice of banana bread and a walk around the parking lot or worse, moving to a different chair, staring at a different screen, and never fully freeing the brain from the path it’s been on all day.

WHAT IF the 6 – 20 minute employee brain-break actually inspired better performance and productivity?  Foundation Fitness has the design expertise and fitness equipment partners to make that happen for you, with you.

Measurable improvements in employee work habits can be had in small breaks throughout the day…   Alertness + Productivity + Memory + Circulation

Many companies give employees the freedom to move about during their day but do those with head’s buried in a heady project or to-do list actually give themselves permission to take a quick break? For those truly time strapped, one 6 minute break every 80 minutes makes a world of difference! Encourage it!

Quick access to fun, intuitive fitness equipment boosts spirits in a matter of minutes and leads to better productivity upon returning to the desk and  the realization that engaging in a consistent, active routine actually improves work habits and health.

Learn more about the benefits of frequent breaks during a work day here.

But Why Outside?

Breathe deep! Take in the quick, short-term and long-term health benefits simply from being in nature.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you came up with a truly great idea? Chances are it was during a time when you let the day go and were free to think about anything and nothing and suddenly the ideas and solutions start flowing, mood improves, your outlook gets better. Even if employees aren’t jumping off benches, the very act of stepping outdoors can lift a spirit, and allow joy, peacefulness and often that great idea to rise to the surface.

Playground Equipment, Now Available in Adult Sizes

That very statement makes me smile. In part because it’s the holidays and everything’s an advertisement but also because this idea of spaces filled with adult geared, high-quality, outdoor fitness equipment should be more than a “what-if”. It should be a consideration by all companies, developers, rec. centers and schools to give adults a chance to unplug and reset in the great outdoors. With office perks like free snacks,  package management, concierge services and 4-star kitchens for meals, it makes sense to also offer adult kids and kid-like adults a chance to play the way we used to (-ish) and free the brain for a bit before returning to work. Encourage that great idea!

Alertness  +  Productivity  +  Memory  +  Circulation

 If you’re still unsure who we’re talking to …        

Anyone responsible for a team of employees, athletes, schools and any community that values fresh air and healthier, more productive and joyful habits.

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Written by sarah sager for Foundation Fitness December 2019

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